Mental Health Society

It is the hope of the Mental Health Society to improve the lives of those affected by mental illness. With specific attention to Acadia students, the society strives to do this in a variety of ways empowering students to get involved in ways that are meaningful to them.

The following are some of the major foci and past activities of the Mental Health Society

  • Reducing the Stigma / Creating Awareness – The society has held various campaigns (Break the Silence, Mental Health Week, Bell Let’s Talk etc.), as well as hosted guest speakers to share their story about living with mental illness.

  • Mental Health Resources – The society aims to inform students about what mental health resources are available on campus in the community as well as facilitate conversation with both students and faculty about such resources.

  • Education / Training – The society has connected students with training opportunities such as Mental Health First Aid and Suicide First Aid with the intention of getting them more familiar with mental health issues and mental health crisis situations.

  • Peer Support – Peer support nights have provided as safe place to talk about dealing with issues related to mental Health.

Most importantly, the combination of all the activities held by the MHS as a whole and its presence on campus have made Acadia a safer place to talk about mental health. It is our hope that in the coming year we can continue to build on the strong foundation the society has built and continue to expand our influence by connecting more and more with the Acadia Community.

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Office Hours

Monday’s 2-3:30 and Wednesdays from 10:30-12 or by appointment.

IO Contact Person

Rachel Sparling

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