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Academic Clubs

Acadia Biology Society

Club Presidents:

Keeler Colton Email:

Helen Allen Email:

Instagram: @@acadiabiologysociety



Acadia Computer Science Society

The ACSS is a university club/group that provides resources, such as help centers for new students and plans social gatherings for the student body

Club President: Matthew Pierre



Acadia Education Society

The Acadia Education Society is a student-run society from the Acadia School of Education. We host social and academic events, as well as professional development sessions that can strengthen your skills as an educator or someone who is interested in becoming an educator!

Club President: Katie Winters




Acadia French Club

Club President: Emily Dasteegt


Acadia History Club

Club President:Renee Boutilier-McFarlane


Facebook: Acadia History Club


Acadia Marketing Society

Doanya Gholami


Acadia Politics Students' Association

Club President: Caitlin Steacy


Acadia University Critical Dietetics Student Chapter


The ACDSC is a safe space for like-minded individuals to discuss Critical Dietetics issues and share ideas.

Contact- Kim Gittens or Lauren Meloney


Acadia University Psychology Society

The Acadia University Psychology Association AUPA is an ASU recognized club that strives to improve the university experience for undergraduate psychology students. As a club, our focus is to expose students to current and future academic opportunities of interest, while also hosting social events to promote relationships within the department Mission Statement: The Acadia University Psychology Association AUPA aims to enhance the undergraduate experience by offering additional academic support and providing social and networking opportunities for psychology students.


Lily Heshmati-

Facebook: @AcadiaUniversityPsychologyAssociation 


Business Society

Club President: Guy Harrison-Murray


Facebook: @AcadiaBusinessSociety 

Environmental Science Students Association

ESSA is an association that provides a setting for environmentally-conscious people to gather together to share ideas, develop discussion, and most importantly, have a good time! ESSA promotes student-to-student mentorship and partnership within the Earth & Environmental Science Department. The pillar goals of ESSA are to host and/or promote events that encourage environmental stewardship, as well as advance an understanding of the natural world and issues associated with it.

Club President: Benjamin Henger



Finance Society

Club President: Hope Martin


Facebook: @AcadiaFinanceSociety



Fletcher Geology Club


Ryley Crowe-

Facebook: Fletcher Geology Club

The Fletcher Geology Club is an organization that allows those interested in the Earth Sciences to learn more than what is taught in the classroom - and have a blast doing so! Through field trips and social gatherings, the club is a way for students to visit places of geological interest and interact with their professors. The club room is located in Huggins Science Hall Rm 308, across from the Dean's office. All geology majors, and those interested in geology are invited to join the club and help contribute to the departmental spirit!


Nutrition and Dietetics

Club President: Olivia Mergl



Society of Acadia Music Students

Club President: Molly Anderson



Athletic Clubs

Acadia Axetreme Cheerleading

Club President: Jordan MacIntyre


Facebook @AcadiaUniversityCheerleading 

Acadia Baseball Team

Club Presidents: Dylan McCarthy and Nathan McCarthy


Facebook: @acadiaaxemenbaseball

Acadia Dance Collective

The Acadia Dance Collective brings the opportunity to dance into the Acadia University community, providing classes at all levels. Our experienced team of teachers provides weekly classes in a variety of dancing styles to engage a diverse group of members. We welcome all Acadia students, and hope that members find enjoyment, make friends, and experience personal growth while a part of ADC. In addition, we also run our 'Dancespiration' program which provides a safe and positive environment for youth and adults in the community with specialized needs to express their love of dance.

Club President: Gwenn Firth


Facebook: @acadiadancecollective


Acadia Equestrian Team

Club President: Sam Morris


Facebook: @AcadiaEquestrianTeam



Acadia Ringette Team

Club Presidents: Meredith Tulloch and Taylor Gray


Instagram: acadiaringette

Acadia Men's Rugby Team

Club President: Nathan Bingley


Facebook: @acadiamensrugby

Acadia Table Tennis Club

Club President: Vivian Li




Acadia Ultimate Frisbee

Morgan Wren

Acadia Women's Field Hockey Team

Club President: Erin Coughlan


Facebook: @acadiafieldhockey


Acadia Women's Field Lacrosse Team

Club Presidents: Mckaylie Campbell, Caitlyn Gerry and Molly Witton




Acadia Women's Hockey Team

Club President: Melissa Atkinson


Facebook: @AxewomenHockey



Acadia Women's Rugby Team

Club President: Maira MacIntyne


Facebook: @axewomenrugby



Acadia Yoga Club

Kaitlyn Lightfoot-

Interest Clubs

Acadia Chess Society

The Acadia Chess Society is for students of any skill level. We host weekly meetings to play chess games casually and competitively and learn about different aspects of Chess such as Openings, Tactics, and Endgames. Students can join the club in person on campus or virtually through online chess and communication platforms.

Mission Statement: To create an informative and fun space for students to play and learn about Chess.

Contact: Keigan Richard

Acadia Children’s Wish Society

The Acadia Children’s Wish Society is a growing club on campus with the purpose of raising money so that children with life threatening illnesses have their dreams come true and have a break from the reality of their disease.

Taylor Godin

Facebook: @AcadiaChildrensWishClub


Acadia Communist Club

A club dedicated to informing Acadia students of leftist perspectives, while striving to achieve a community that combats oppression of all forms within society.


Max Abu-Laban


Max Gustafson


Facebook-Acadia Communist Club (A.C.C)


Acadia Fork and Farm

Kaley McKinnion-

Acadia Global Brigades

Keisha Kane



Acadia International Society

The Acadia International Society seeks to strengthen the interaction of various cultures represented at Acadia University. This is done through hosting events and bonding activities to create new relationships and embrace the diversity of each culture!

Haneesha Relwani



Facebook- Acadia International Society

Acadia Investment Club

The AIC exists to provide an introduction to the financial industry to its members through real-world fund management with a portfolio at a relevant brokerage, either through the university or held privately in the name of the Council, or temporarily in the name of an executive.

Brendan MacNeil




Acadia Jewish Society

Jordi Chaffer


Acadia Medical Campus Response Team

Karmen Simonson



Acadia Model UN Association

The Acadia Model United Nations Association is an interdisciplinary club open to students of all experience levels with the aim of developing knowledge and understanding of the procedures of Model United Nations through weekly simulations and tutorials. We focus on debating important global issues in that context.

Rory Anness

Facebook-Acadia Model United Nations Association (AMUNA)


Acadia-Muslim Students Association

The Acadia-MSA aims to create safe, welcoming and friendly environment for Muslim students. We strive to build unity with people of all backgrounds - no matter of their race, color and religion through diverse social as well as educational programs to build bridges between Muslims and non-Muslims along with to dispel any misconception about Islam and Muslims.

Contact- Mayar Tahina

Acadia Outdoors Club

Explore the local outdoors with others through events such as hikes, camping, snowshoeing, skiing, campfires and more! A group to gather outside and appreciate the world together.


Contact- Natalie Weder

Facebook-Acadia Outdoors Club 2020-21


Acadia Players Association (APA)

Contact- Guy Harrison Murray

Acadia Pre-Health Society

The Acadia Pre-health Society is a team of students who are passionate about health care related careers and providing opportunities for other students to learn about and network within the health care industry.  By hosting events throughout the school year involving a wide variety of health care professionals, we aim to help Acadia students achieve their goals of working in the health care industry. Everyone is invited to get involved and all you have to do is join our Facebook group "Acadia Pre-Health Society 2020/21" and you will have access to all discussions and information.

Hannah Macconnell

Acadia Rotaract Club

"Rotaract clubs bring together people ages 18 and older to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service. In communities worldwide, Rotary and Rotaract members work side by side to take action through service."

Shayanne Dougherty

Acadia's Relay for Life

Acadia Relay for Life is an event held once a year, in March to celebrate the lives of those who have survived cancer, and remember those who did not. As well as raise money for cancer research and care for those with cancer. Those who join the club are looking to help bring forth ideas to better promote and plan the event, and fundraise for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Sam Nunn-


ASU Food Cupboard
Black Students’ Association (BSA)

Fikayo Kayode 


Canada's Atlantic Foodservice Partnership (CAFP), Acadia Branch

Emma Kaye

Facebook: Acadia CAFP

- CAFP is an organization that promotes networking, education, professional development, and community involvement around food and foodservice. Acadia CAFP offers students the ability to attend events, join committees, and opportunities to run for executive positions. As a member you will have the chance to attend monthly meetings, usually accompanied by a fantastic meal, obtain bursaries exclusive to CAFP members, and have access to a multitude of networking and learning experiences



Patria Symonette-

Catholic Acadia

Baylee Saulnier

Facebook:Catholic Acadia


C.H.A.N.G.E Program

Sophie Baker

Enactus Acadia

Enactus Acadia is a student organization that promotes social entrepreneurship in our community. We strive to empower Acadia students to seek a need, take action, and create change!

Contact- Adam Ferguson


Exercise is Medicine on Campus

Samantha Burelle


Grad Class 2021

Contact Info: Coming soon 

InterVarsity (Acadia Christian Fellowship-ACF)

Hannah Nagtegaal


Indigenous Student Society of Acadia

The Indigenous Student Society of Acadia states its purpose as “a place to connect with Indigenous students and non-indigenous students and develop community.” This strong group of Indigenous student leaders hosts campus events and endeavors to support the Indigenous student population at Acadia.





Paul Tom Debate Society

The Paul Tom Debate Society believes that civil argumentation is both desirable and necessary for the well-being of any healthy community. We take pride in fostering the ability of Acadia students to debate rationally, respectfully, and persuasively.

Contact- Max Gustafson



Sisters of Color

Sisters of Color was created to embody a sisterhood that would reflect the values observed in a black community. We are open to all racial backgrounds as we hope to encourage women through their educational journey. As a sister, we want you to uplift one another instead of tearing each other down. SOC strives to empower women to know that there is no limit to the success she can achieve in life.  In becoming a part of Sisters of Color, no woman should ever feel discouraged or alone because she will always find Strength in her Sisterhood.



Navaz Sands

Wolfville Chinese Christian Fellowship

Helen Chan

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)


Women in Technology Society

Genevieve Twohig


If you don’t see something that interests you and are interested in starting a club please contact Alicia Johnson to set up and meeting on how to get started!