An image of the 4 executive member from left to right Gabrielle Bailey, Kyle Vandertoorn, Robbie Holmes, Mackenzie Jarvin, and Yoram Schroll. All in dress shirts in from of pine trees
Acadia Students' Union

Students' Representative Council

Mission Statement

Acadia Students’ Union is a student governed organization dedicated to serving its members through effective representation and communications. The Students’ Union offers innovative and quality services while providing a variety of opportunities which enhance the overall University experience of the students of Acadia.

Acadia Students’ Union believes in and upholds the values of integrity, excellence, and respect, while recognizing the importance of fun, community spirit, and the tradition upon which the Union was founded.

ASU Executive

President - Kyle Vandertoorn

Contact Info:

Phone: 902.585.2131
Location: Old SUB 620

What I do:

    • Elected spokesperson and representative of the ASU
    • Listen to students and work with other student leaders within the ASU, on the Executive team, across Nova Scotia and Canada, and Acadia University staff, faculty, and administration
    • Respond to the ideas, aspirations, and concerns of students.
    • Promote student safety, wellness, and engagement within the Acadia University community.
    • Sit on the University Senate, the academic governing body of the university, the University Board of Governors, the non-academic governing body of the university, and the Town of Wolfville Town and Gown Committee.
    • Along with the Vice President Academic and External, the President represents Acadia students at our external advocacy organizations, Students Nova Scotia (SNS) and the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) to advocate for the affordability and accessibility of post-secondary education within Nova Scotia and across Canada.

About me:

I’m a fourth year Biology major from the small town of Scotsburn, Nova Scotia!  What drew me to Acadia was the spirit, pride, and opportunity of such a tight-knit school and town community. During my time in office, I want to strengthen these factors and therefore work to contribute to the improvement of student wellness on all fronts. I hope to work to enhance our Career Services on campus, make CASA’s Get Out The Vote campaign for the upcoming federal election present and HYPE at Acadia, further engage students and student groups around our campus, and promote our Students’ Representative Council’s (SRC) communication and commitment to students. A huge goal for me is to support our team’s work and to be as involved as we can be with ongoing projects and events at Acadia. I believe that student success stems from student wellness and therefore happiness, so I hope to help ensure that our students feel that they’re getting what they deserve here. If you see us around come say hello, we want to hear from you!

In my spare time, you can catch me hitting the library or Axe dance floor, tagging sharks, or watching Friends. Cheers!

VP Academic and External - Mackenzie Jarvin

Contact Info:

Phone: 902.585.2127
Location: Old SUB 619

What I do:

  • Academic appeals and complaints
  • University Senate and Senate committees
  • Education policy and strategic planning
  • Along with the President, I represent Acadia students at our external advocacy organizations, Students Nova Scotia (SNS) and the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) to advocate for the affordability and accessibility of post-secondary education within Nova Scotia and across Canada

About me:

Hi, I’m Mackenzie! I am a fourth-year Environmental Sciences student from snowy, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As your Vice President Academic and External, it is my goal to support students, both inside and outside of the classroom. I will advocate for student needs on campus, and at the provincial/national level. More specifically, I want to make a difference for students that often face unnecessary barriers, like international students. Also, I aim to work alongside the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) on their Get Out the Vote campaign, urging students to exercise their right to vote in the federal election.

During my spare time, I enjoy reading and writing, and hanging out with friends. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat - please don’t hesitate to reach out or come by my office!

VP Events and Promotions - Gabrielle Bailey

Contact Info:

Phone: 902.585.2126
Location: Old SUB 618

What I do:

  • Communications representative of the ASU
  • Organizing and executing major events, programming, and student experiences (Welcome Week, Homecoming, CHEATON Cup, Frost Week, Day-to-day programming etc.)
  • Marketing, branding, website maintenance and social media. This includes advertising and content creation.
  • All-student emails and informing students about the goings-on within and outside of the Acadia community.
  • Answering general inquireries
  • Sponsorships
  • Working with student services, Keep It Social, the Town of Wolfville and other external groups, to ensure safe and memorable experiences for Acadia students
  • Bringing student programming ideas to reality

About me:

I’m a 5th year (victory lap) Marketing major from the New Glasgow, NS. The VPEP position poses an incredible opportunity to make very real impacts on students right out of the gate. This being my second year as VPEP, I intend to make every student experience as amazing and impactful as I possibly can through effective communication and collaboration. My passion lies in coordination, marketing, events, and experience creation. I love seeing others happy, making memories and history. My goals this year revolve around bridging the gaps between different groups and interests on campus, improving communication and branding, and maintaining the positive tradition and spirit of Acadia while growing and innovating as we go.

Outside of the office, you’ll catch me travelling, eating copious amounts of food, petting dogs, and constantly learning how to become a better leader, professional, and change-maker in my field. Like Kyle, I am also probably breaking it down on the Axe dance floor. See you there!

If you have any programming ideas or concerns, I’m always an email away! Let’s chat!

VP Student Life - Robbie Holmes

Contact Info:

Phone: 902.585.2125
Location: Old SUB 616

What I do:

  • Oversee the operations of Internal Organizations, Clubs/Societies and House Councils and help each work towards success
  • Training of House Councils
  • Assist in providing positive and inclusive experiences on and off campus
  • Work with external local groups such as L’Arche, Keep it Social and the Town Council of Wolfville, NS
  • Act as a resource to students and that I can be readily contacted via emails, phone calls, meetings and regular office hours

About me:

I’m Robbie Holmes, the Vice President of Student Life for the Acadia Students Union for the 2019/2020 school year. I was born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

After graduating high school, I found myself wanting to attend university in a smaller town with a positive campus life, this made Acadia the clear choice for me. I am currently going into my 3rd year majoring in psychology pursuing a minor in English. While in office I aim to hold true to my campaign promises by improving in areas such as sustainability, training week, mental health & sexual assault resources and more. While doing this I also will work with the rest of the ASU executive team to provide positive and equitable experiences and opportunities for on and off campus students.

Out of the office and school I enjoy travelling / exploring, spending time with family and experiencing the small-town life. I am thrilled to be working for the students at Acadia for the 2019/2020 year and cannot thank the students for giving me this opportunity.


Paige Stewardson
Faculty of Arts Senator
Faculty of Professional Studies Senator
Nicole Kirkpatrick
Pure and Applied Science Senator
Zachary Goldsmith
Faculty of Theology Senator
Matt Penney
Graduate Students’ Senator

Other Members

Jonah van Driesum
Scott McKnight
First Year Officer
Community Relations Officer
Soyini Edwards
Diversity & Inclusion Representative
Max Abu-Laban
Sustainability Officer

Chair's Office 

Sulaman Qureshi 
SUB ###
Ciara Jeffery-Bent
Deputy Chairperson 
Chief Returning Officer
Deputy Chief Returning Officer

Non-Voting Members

Coordinator of ASU Internal Organizations
Anna Kiefte
Member of University Faculty
HSH 201
Member of University Administration
Member of Board of Governors