Mission Statement

Acadia Students’ Union is a student governed organization dedicated to serving its members through effective representation and communications. The Students’ Union offers innovative and quality services while providing a variety of opportunities whichenhance the overall University experience of the students of Acadia.

Acadia Students’ Union believes in and upholds the values of integrity, excellence, and respect, while recognizing the importance of fun, community spirit, and the tradition upon which the Union was founded.


(a) The S.R.C. shall be composed of the following members. All subsections have the right to move and second motions:
i. The President of the Union,
ii. The Vice President Student Life,
iii. The Vice President Events & Promotions,
iv. The Vice President Academic & External,
v. The Vice President Finance & Operations,
vi. One member as Faculty of Arts Senator,
vii. One member as Faculty of Professional Studies Senator,
viii. One member as Faculty of Pure and Applied Science Senator,
ix. One member as Faculty of Theology Senator,
x. One member as the Graduate Students’ Senator
xi. One member as Student Board of Governors Representative,
xii. Four members as Councillors,
xiii. One member as First Year Officer,
xiv. One member as Community Relations Officer,
xv. One member as Equity Officer,
xvi. One member as Sustainability Officer,
xvii.One coordinator of an Internal Organization of the Union (non-voting),
xviii. One member of the Acadia University Faculty (non-voting),
xix. One member of the Acadia University Administration (non-voting),
xx. One member of the Acadia Board of Governors (non-voting).