Full-time Staff

Ian Morrison - General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for overseeing the rest of the full time staff. This position reports directly to the ASU Executive.

Ian Morrison

Mary Lou Eye - Accounting Manager

The Accounting Manager works closely under the General Manager and with the VP Finance to ensure that the finances of the ASU are stable. This person also helps in managing ASU accounts and payroll.

Mary Lou Eye

Cindy MacDonald - Health Plan Administrator

The Health Plan Administrator is responsible for the student run health plan operated by the Campus Trust. The Health Plan Administrator also acts as an executive assistant and is responsible for taking minutes at executive meetings.

Cindy MacDonald

Steve Martin - Custodian

The ASU Custodian is responsible for the continued maintenance of the ASU Students’ Centre.

Steve Martin

Kira Awrey - Retail Services Manager

The Retail Services Manager is responsible for the operation of the ASU clothing store, its staff, marketing and custom orders.

Kira Awrey

Jennifer Kennedy - Food Services Manager

The Food Services Manager is responsible for the operation of the three retail food outlets in the Students’ Centre, as well as catering events in the building.

Jennifer Kennedy

Alicia Johnson - Building Services & Events Manager

Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Students’ Centre, including operation of the Axe Lounge and Outside Bar activities. Coordinates Custodial Services, Technical Services, and ASU room setups. Organizes and arranges Union programming events, such as concerts and theme nights, under the direction of the Campus Life Committee.

Alicia Johnson

Ceilidh Beveridge-Webb - Bar Services Manager

The Bar Services Manager is responsible for coordinating, developing, and promoting the day-to-day operations of the Axe Bar & Grill and all outside bar operations for Acadia Students’ Union by establishing policies and procedures, training and motivating student employees and non-student employees, and operating efficiently and effectively

Ceilidh Beveridge