A student purchases a snack at the Union Market convenience store

Union Market

The Union Market Convenience Store is a full service, one-stop retail outlet designed to conveniently meet your needs. The store is located on the Main Level of the Students’ Centre. Union Market is managed and operated by Acadia Students’ Union and proceeds from the store support ASU services and initiatives. Shop for all of your favorite snack items and necessities, including convenience foods, stationary, and bulk foods. A full range of snacks and drinks are available.

Within the Union Market we also host a variety of services:

General Services

Dry-Cleaning is a service brought to you by the ASU in conjunction with Vail’s Dry Cleaning. We are a drop-off and pick-up location for your convenience, with a $2 surcharge. The ASU is not responsible for items that are not picked up after two weeks.

Some event tickets are sold for upcoming events and activities that are hosted by the ASU.

Poster Service: A maximum of six posters for events can be posted free of charge on the bulletin boards within the Students’ Centre. Notices must be stamped and hung in the appropriate areas by the Building Manager on duty, or they will be removed without prior notice.

Mail Services

Postal Services including stamps, various sized envelopes.

ASU Mailboxes can be rented for $45.00 plus tax.

  • Acadia Students’ Union does not allow students to share mailboxes.
  • The replacement fee for each lost mailbox key is $25.00 plus tax.
  • Outgoing mail leaves the Information Desk Post Office at 3:00 pm daily and incoming mail is sorted by 5:00 pm in the mail room.
  • Parcels are kept for a maximum of two weeks.
  • Internal mailboxes are available upon request to eligible groups.
  • Mailboxes that hold accumulated mail for over a month will automatically be closed unless prior arrangements have been made with the Building Manager.

Please visit Cajun's to find out more information and to register for a mailbox.

Bus Tickets

Maritime Bus Tickets are available for one-way or return travel for destinations within Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec. Visit the website or call toll free 1-800-575-1807 for schedule information and changes.

Kings Transit Bus Tickets – For your convenience in the Annapolis valley serving Hants Border onward, your public transportation