Tuition Update

Hello Acadia Students,
We hope you are enjoying your summer. The ASU feels it is important to communicate upcoming tuition changes directly to all students.
As you may be aware, a survey was distributed to students shortly in advance of the Board of Governor’s vote that showed a majority of students could not support or afford a 6% tuition increase. As a result of the high tuition and living costs, many students are already forced to choose between buying textbooks or groceries. It is for these reasons that all student representatives on the Board of Governors voted against this year’s budget.
In April, the Acadia University Board of Governors voted to increase tuition fees by six per cent for domestic and international students. While the ASU is pleased to see additional funding for student services, including equity supports for indigenous students, improved residence staff training, and mental health counselling as part of this year’s budget, the ASU was not satisfied with the level of student consultation associated with this substantial increase to tuition. Student tuition and fees are a large part of the university budget and the increases approved this year will see full-time domestic student tuition increase by approximately $500 and International student tuition by $1000. A complete list of tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year can be found on the right hand side of your Acadia Central account under the ‘Fees/Online Payment’ tab.
The ASU acknowledges that the university is attempting to offset the costs of this tuition increase by offering an automatic, one-time market adjustment bursary of $250 for domestic students receiving Canadian Student Loan funding and up to $500 for International students who apply to the University’s Scholarship and Financial Aid Office expressing individual financial need and are approved for a bursary. The application for International students will be available following the start of classes. However, it is important to note that this bursary will only be available to students for the 2018/2019 Academic Year.
To conclude, the ASU is disappointed with the lack of student consultation regarding this tuition increase and feels that it is imperative that students are contacted directly regarding changes to their tuition. We encourage all students with questions regarding financial aid to please contact the Scholarship and Financial Aid office – and for information related to tuition fees for the upcoming year please contact the Financial Services –
The ASU is prepared to address any questions and concerns you may have about the tuition changes noted above and wishes all students a continuing safe and enjoyable summer.
George Philp
Acadia Students’ Union

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