Vice President Academic: Dismissal appeals and other responsibilities.

The job of the Vice President Academic (VPA) is often miscommunicated to the student body. While other members of the executive team have more outward and obvious roles, the VPA does a lot more behind the scenes jobs that are essential to the ASU as a whole.

Brianna Jarvin, our Vice President Academic travels all over the country to represent our union as a delegate within two external organizations who lobby on a provincial and federal level. She has just recently returned from Ottawa alongside Canadian Alliance of Student Associations for a conference that was attended by SU presidents and VPAs all over the country.

Apart from her work with these lobbying organizations, Brianna is also a service to students who need help with the dismissal appeals process and aids them in writing their appeal. Brianna also sits on a number of committees and helps in representing student voice in academic issues toward the university.

If you want more information on how the VPA can assist you in the coming year please contact Brianna Jarvin at or make an appointment to see her during office hours Monday through Friday all summer.


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