Get Out the Vote Campaign

by Nathan Patstone

Get Out the Vote Campaign

Get Out the Vote Campaign


Are you voting in the upcoming election? “Contrary to common assumption, students aged 18 to 25 are not apathetic. Polling reveals that 58% report either being ‘extremely motivated’ or ‘reasonably motivated’ to vote compared with 12% reporting being ‘not that motivated’ or ‘not motivated at all.’ 96% of students surveyed report that it is important to vote, and 93% plan on voting in the 2019 federal election” (Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, 2019). In partnership with the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), the Acadia Students’ Union will be running a Get Out the Vote campaign.


What is CASA? CASA is a non-partisan, not-for-profit student federal advocacy organization. CASA is comprised of 23 member associations across the country who collectively represent a national student voice to the Canadian Government. CASA’s diverse membership of college, polytechnic, graduate and undergraduate students bring fresh perspectives to the research, policy development and advocacy work of the organization.


Get Out the Vote is a non-partisan voter mobilization campaign – the purpose is to encourage and inspire students to vote in the upcoming election. In order to achieve the goal of a large turnout, students must be aware of how to vote and why voting matters to them. Especially as it relates to understanding the link between voting and having their voice heard, by taking part in the democratic process which shapes the policies and laws in Canada. The campaign’s overall goal will be achieved by collecting pledges. The Acadia Students’ Union plans to host events and create fun, exciting ways to get Acadia students to pledge.


There are over 2 million post-secondary students in Canada right now. This group can have an enormous impact on the election if they get out and vote. Every vote counts – get out and vote!

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