Executive Summer Update

by Kira Awrey

The Acadia Students’ Union Executive team has been hard at work over the summer months preparing for students to return to campus! From May through to Welcome Week we’ve held weekly office hours Monday to Friday and worked on various projects both together and individually in our roles. Here are some of the things we did for Acadia students this summer:


  • Set summer hours;
  • Began our regular and introductory meetings with the Executive, ASU staff, University administration, and external stakeholders;
  • Summer goal documents completed;
  • ASU President and VP Academic and External attended the first Senate meeting of the coming year;
  • House Council and Internal Organization Coordinator Training Schedule planning began;
  • New website designing meetings began;
  • O-Week planning and coordinating began;
  • Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Campaign planning began;
  • Homecoming and Home Opener event planning began;
  • 2019-2020 Student Handbook work began;
  • Tours for summer orientation students on campus;
  • ASU President and VPA&E Students Nova Scotia (SNS) transition, first board meeting, and student government roundtable;
  • ASU President and VPA&E travel to Ottawa for the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations Foundations Conference


  • Participated in the Apple Blossom Parade with an ASU float alongside L’Arche Homefires and S.M.I.L.E.!
  • Hosted the second annual Maritime Student Leader Congress: Executive teams from Students’ Unions/Associations across the Maritimes came to Acadia to network, learn from our peers, discuss shared issues across our campuses, and work towards creating the best possible experience for our students in 2019/2020;
  • Hosted the NBA Finals viewing at the Axe Bar & Grill;
  • Axes in Action planning underway with Charity Coordinator;
  • ASU VP Events and Promotions and VP Student Life attended the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA) Conference in Niagara Falls;
  • ASU President and VP Finance and Operations attended the Acadia University Board of Governors Retreat on campus;
  • ASU President and VPA&E attended the second Senate meeting of the year



  • The Indigenous Advisory Council met to plan for the year;
  • ASU President and VPA&E attended the SNS Strategic Plan Retreat;
  • Put out a call for a Coordinator and volunteers for the GOTV campaign and the Coordinator was hired;
  • Collaborated with campus stakeholders, staff, and administration on the Acadia 2025 Strategic Plan;
  • Welcomed new University Administration to campus;
  • Alumni engagement with ASU programming underway;
  • ASU Sponsorship package completed;
  • Walked with SNS in the Halifax Pride Parade;
  • Attended STEAM Space Open House;
  • ASU Executive team travelled to UPEI for CASA’s Get Out The Vote Campaign Conference


  • ASU President and VPA&E attended the SNS Annual General Meeting at SMU;
  • VPE&P attended COCA Board Conference;
  • Executive Summer Retreat for strategic planning for the fall semester;
  • Media training from SNS;
  • International Student Orientation activity planning underway;
  • Code of Conduct work wrapping up;
  • O-Week planning wrapping up;
  • House Cup Action Plan completed;
  • Filmed our GOTV campaign launch video;
  • Printed ASU promotional pamphlets for campus;
  • Tower Park Grand Opening;
  • Meeting with the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education on campus;
  • New website launch;

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