ASU Leadership & Teaching Recognition Awards

by Angela Govier

Due to current circumstances, the Acadia Students’ Union was unable to host its Annual BMO Leadership Awards Night to celebrate recipients of the ASU Leadership and Teaching Recognition Awards. However, the ASU felt it was important these individuals still be recognized for their work and dedication to the Acadia Community. The ASU is pleased to announce the following award recipients:  

Leadership Awards

First Year of the Year: Isabelle McEwan

Sophomore of the Year: Georgia Condran

Junior of the Year: Ashna Makhija

Senior of the Year: Rebekah Adenikinju

Graduate Student of the Year: Matthew Penny

SRC Member of the Year: Soyini Edwards

ASU Member of the Year: Max Abu-Laban

Ruth Petrykanyn Award: Victoria Stevens

Club of the Year: Acadia International Society

House Council of the Year: ROJO

Internal Organization of the Year: Community Outreach Acadia

Volunteer of the Year: Katie Horton

ASU Commitment Award: Tomi McCarthy

ASU Leadership Award: Laura Clerk

Bob Stead Award: Angela Govier

Teaching Recognition Awards

Teaching Recognition Award: Glenys Gibson (Biology), Mike Kennedy (Business), Anna Wilks (Philosophy), Melody Maxwell (Theology)

TA Award: Jordi Chaffer, Mattie Smith

Graduate TA Award: Caleb Grant

Congratulations! Thank you for your continued support and involvement that has so positively impacted student life at Acadia for so many. Also, thank you to everyone who sent in nominations!


Your ASU Executive Team
Kyle Vandertoorn, Mackenzie Jarvin, Robbie Holmes, Gab Bailey & Brendan MacNeil

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