The Athenaeum

The Athenaeum has served as Acadia’s official student newspaper since 1874. Each week it can be found all across campus, which means it’s one of the most efficient and anticipated tools for informing the student body. The Athenaeum is also a member of the Canadian University Press (CUP) and adheres to the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities of CUP.

The Athenaeum is created by, and for, members of the Acadia Community. The paper strives to provide fair and unbiased commentary on major issues and events in and around the Acadia community; this includes student events on campus, University events, and events in the greater Wolfville area. There is something for everyone!

The Athenaeum seeks to provide its readers with a content-diverse product – it actively seeks submissions from students, faculty, staff and community members.The Athenaeum is a fantastic way to get involved, get experience, and make your mark on campus. For more information on how to get involved, contact Editor-in-Chief Ian Bauer at (The Athenaeum does reserve the right to edit or refuse material for publication.)

The offices of The Athenaeum are located on the second floor of the Students’ Union Building (SUB). There are weekly meetings during the academic year, which everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to attend.


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Colin Mitchell

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