Environment & Sustainability Office

The AESO is both a long-standing, active internal organization of Acadia Students’ Union and a group of motivated students who come together with the common interest of bettering our local and global communities. Through bi-weekly meetings and a growing email list, the AESO organizes environmentally-minded projects and initiatives based on the interests of its members.

The AESO aims to provide an avenue through which students with interests in environmental issues can learn and grow, as well as educate and reach out to Acadia students, faculty, staff, and the broader Wolfville community.
Past projects include Enviro-Week, Homemade facials night, Project Green Challenge, and more! Current projects include an upcoming conference in October 2013, RecycleMania, and whatever else YOU want to do! Keep your eye out for the many initiatives of the AESO this year, and come take part!

IO Contact Person

Grace Hamilton-Burge