Centre for Global Education

The Centre for Global Education (CGE) was founded in 2007 by Acadia students. The CGE seeks to facilitate and promote dialogue between various cultures at Acadia through hosting cultural events and activities. These dialogues seek to increase inclusiveness, and awareness of different cultures within Acadia and the community of Wolfville.

This year’s events include a trip to Noggins Corn Maze in October as well as the annual International Student Banquet held in March. Monthly events will be posted in the weekly announcements on Acadia’s Student Union Website. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate in these events and activities. I invite anyone to come to speak with me regarding suggestions for events and activities that you would like to see held.

Office Hours

Tuesdays 11:30-1:00 and Fridays 2:00-3:30

IO Contact Person

Odile Chen