ASU Health and Dental Plans

The Extended Health Plan is based on the premise that all full-time students at Acadia University require health coverage. This premise was reinforced when students voted in a referendum supporting the introduction of an extended health care program that would supplement, but not replace, the provincial health care plan. The ASU believes that the health plan provides affordable health insurance designed especially for students on fixed incomes.

The health plan fee automatically applies to all full-time tuition fees and the coverage period is September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021. The benefits include prescription drugs, paramedical practitioners, medical equipment and supply rental, accidental dental, ambulatory coverage, vision care, and out-of-province coverage.

To opt out of the Extended Health Plan:

If you are covered under another comparable health plan, you must show proof of the other coverage before the ASU Health Plan fees can be removed from your account.

To opt out of the Health Plan, complete the opt out form online at before September 30. For more information, contact Health Plan Administrator Cindy MacDonald.