Acadia Students' Union



Wellness Fund

In the fall of 2010, Acadia students voted by way of referendum to contribute $30 dollars annually ($15 per semester) per student to the Student Wellness Fund. The fund was initiated to accommodate the individual needs of students and enhance their overall sense of wellness through various initiatives. The primary initiative for the fund was to partner with the University and create the present Fitness Centre at the Acadia Athletic Complex. While this has promoted great opportunities for students to enhance their physical well-being, the fund is also designed to address a broad spectrum of wellness concerns. 

What is wellness? 

Wellness incorporates a number of different dimensions, but all contribute to an individual’s overall well-being. 

You can apply at anytime throughout the academic year and summer 

Required for application

  • A minimum of one letter of support addressed to the Student Funding Committee must be attached to this application, describing the justification, support, and potential for the initiative. This letter must be sent to the ASU Vice President Finance & Operations (Yoram Scroll) and Building Services and Events Manager (Angela Govier) before the application will be processed. This will be complete when you submit the online form.
  • A follow-up report must be submitted no later than one week after the completion of the initiative detailing the outcome to 
  • Application must also be filled out at the webpage mentioned above. Please include budgets, quotes and all important information as your application may be delayed otherwise.  

Students Activities Fund

The Student Activities Fund is a joint initiative of the Acadia Students’ Union and Acadia University. 

Applications must be completed AT LEAST one month before funding is needed. 

The Student Activities Fund is designed to help fund such items as:

  • conference travel 
  • building and facility rentals 
  • staffing and security costs 
  • AV equipment rentals 
  • event decorations 
  • some banquet fees 
  • group travel 
  • guest speakers 

Ineligible items are things like:

  • posters flyers, and other advertising 
  • promotional or participant clothing 
  • surplus final budgets 
  • alcohol 
  • loan payments 
  • bottled water 
  • courses (in and outside Acadia) 

Application must be completed at least one month before funding is needed