Food Delivery for Students in Isolation

Food DeliveryThe Acadia Students’ Union (ASU) is excited to be able to provide delivery options to our students who are returning from
outside the Atlantic Bubble and living off campus. In partnership with Community Outreach Acadia, Wolfville Farmers’
Market and The Independent, isolating students will be able to place their orders online / over the phone which will be
delivered by student volunteers.

Ordering from Wolfville Farmers' Market:

  1. Go to the Wolville Farmers' Market 2 Go Website
  2. Create your account
  3. Set pickup spot to 'ASU'
  4. Choose your groceries
  5. Pay using a credit card online
  6. Student volunteers pick up your order and deliver it to you on either Wednesday or Saturday depending on the following:
    • For a Wednesday delivery: order between 7:00 PM Wednesday (the week before) and 7:00 PM Monday (two days before)
    • For a Saturday delivery: order between 7:00 PM Monday (five days before) and 7:00 PM Thursday (two days before)

Ordering from The Independent:

  1. Go to The Independent Website
  2. Create a PC account and select your local store as Main St Wolfville
  3. Browse the online menu and make a grocery list
  4. Call the local independent at: (902)-542-9680
  5. Place your order over the phone by reading the grocery list that is made
  6. Provide credit card information over the phone to be charged
  7. Provide the address you will need delivery to on the phone
  8. Student volunteers will pick up your order and deliver it to you on either Thursday or Saturday depending on what date you place your order. It is recommended to place your order four days in advance to the desired delivery date.

Arriving outside the Delivery Days / The ASU Food Cupboard

If you are a student arriving outside the delivery dates and have no way to acquire basic necessities for those first couple of days (food, drinks, etc.). Please send an email to or who will be able to provide some supplies to hold you over until a grocery delivery date.

Have a general question about grocery support? Please email