Liam Schreiter

Vice President Finance & Operations

HOMETOWN: Arnprior, ON

YEAR OF STUDY: 5th year (Co-op Option)

PROGRAM OF STUDY: Bachelor of Business Administration – Major in Accounting


As VP Finance & Operations, some, but not all, of my responsibilities include: supervision of all funds moving through the ASU; providing relevant financial information to clubs, internal organizations, house councils and other various departments within the ASU; securing sponsors for Orientation Week and other events throughout the year; sit on the Board of Governors and chair the Student Funding Committee & Financial Affairs Committee; provide SRC with monthly financial & operational reports in regards to the previously mentioned organizations; and act as a signing officer for the organization. It’s important for me to mention that I will always act in the best interests of the students while performing my duties as VP Finance & Operations. I just want you all to have fun!


I would like to work very closely with the house councils, clubs and IOs and implement a financial literacy program to help them with all financial matters related to their positions. I aim to develop an online budgeting tool that will be available to all students, faculty and anyone else interested. As well, I will be meeting with operational managers (Cajun’s, Food Services, etc.) to ensure they are up-to-date with their financials and consistently inquire about new budget ideas or issues that may arise. I would also like to develop a strategy working with the Food Services manager that would implement some of the recommendations given about the Union Market, by students, during the previous VP Finance’s Case Study competition last year. Through all of these tasks, I strive to communicate effectively and accurately with all union staff, students or clients, and to do my best to ensure all students enjoy their time here at Acadia!

FUN FACT ABOUT ME: I have been DJing and producing electronic music for almost three years now and I absolutely love it.

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Liam Schreiter

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