Andrew Grant

Vice President Finance



YEAR OF STUDY: 4th year


PROGRAM OF STUDY: Bachelor of Business Administration, Majoring in Accounting



My role as VP Finance consists of completing various finance related tasks within the ASU. These tasks include selling sponsorship packages to various local companies to help support events put on by the students’ union. Supervision of all funds taken in and spent by the students’ union. Budgeting for and providing relevant financial information to clubs, internal organizations, house councils, and other organizations within the students’ union. Provide monthly reports to the Students’ Representative Council relating to the previously mentioned organizations within the students’ union. Be a signing officer on transactions within the students’ union. Most importantly, my main focus is to complete all tasks required by the VP Finance in the best interest of Acadia’s students.



My goals for this upcoming year begin with coming up with as many sponsorships as possible to be able to fund great events throughout welcome week, frost week, homecoming, and other events relating to the students throughout the year. Next, in my role relating to the Axe and accessibility referendum, I would like to keep on top of the steps being taken as we approach the renovations and ensure that the proper measures are put in place to make sure the renovations benefit the student body while maintaining financial stability throughout the process. I would like to educate all internal organizations and house councils on how to manage their funds and keep up to date in ensuring funds are being spent properly. I would like to keep close track of all funds that flow through the Acadia Students’ Union and provide a budget for the upcoming 2017-18 year. Finally I want to make sure I do everything in my power to ensure all students at Acadia University have the best year and best experience possible!


FUN FACT ABOUT ME: I am a former member of the Acadia University club field lacrosse team.

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Andrew Grant

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