Gabrielle Bailey

Vice President Events & Promotions


HOMETOWN: New Glasgow, Nova Scotia


PROGRAM OF STUDY: Business Administration, Marketing


As VPEP, I am the communications representative for the organization and play a key role in the organization and execution of ASU events, programming and student experiences. These two overarching tasks involve advertising, promotions, providing students with updates, information and answering requests, maintaining social media and the website, provide opportunity for students to turn their ideas into a reality, draft press releases, and a ton of other awesome things. Within this role, it is my upmost priority to ensure that the programs run by the ASU are both safe and positive for all students and promote inclusiveness. Aside from my regular duties, I chair and sit on committees, work with outside organizations, create strong relationships between the ASU and other organizations, help out with sponsors, and take a ton of photos. I like to think that I have the fun job… If you have anything you want to send out to students, event ideas, news you want to share, or are interested in getting involved, I’m your gal! Contact me through the form on our website or by email at any time.


My main goals for the year revolve around efficiency and updates, and of course providing students with memories that they’ll never forget.

  1. Improve our online presence in efforts to enhance our ability to communicate with students. Communication is a key success factor in any organization and I will actively ensure the sharing of accurate, relevant information in a timely manner and on the correct platforms.
  2. Focus on harm reduction, safety, and procedure, especially with the legalization of cannabis on the horizon.
  3. Create a communication and marketing campaign to educate students on the ASU as a whole and provide them with information on all of the opportunities available to them. This campaign will involve all forms of media and get the message across in a fun, inviting way.
  4. Develop new and exciting experiences for students that are diverse in nature and offer a sense of community and inclusiveness. Everyone should feel that the ASU has something for them. This also involves accessibility. Think out of the box!
  5. Improve event efficiency by analyzing previous years, testing out alternatives, doing research and getting feedback from students, and utilizing our resources to their full potential. Communicating to participants what does/doesn’t work and why will be important during the process.

FUN FACT ABOUT ME: I did a competition where I had to travel thousands of kilometers across Europe with no money (literally zero dollars) or a phone… it was almost as bad as exam season… OH, and I love dogs.

A Note from Gabrielle Bailey:

If you are interested in getting involved in communications and event coordination, have an event you want to run, or any ideas that you would like to share, I would LOVE to hear them and touch base. Swing by my office at any time during my office hours, give me a call, or email me! (No ideas are bad ideas, even the crazy ones)

Gabrielle Bailey

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