Brendan Macneil
President, Acadia Students' Union
The President is responsible for overseeing the rest of the Executive. Elected spokesperson and representative of the ASU


Robbie Holmes
VP Student Life
The VP Student Life is responsible for overseeing the operations of Internal Organizations, Clubs/Societies and House Councils and help each work towards success.


Lydia Houck
VP Academic & External
The VP Academic & External is responsible for overseeing academic appeals and complaints. 


Blake Steeves
VP Events & Promotions 
The VP Events and Promotions is responsible for overseeing, organizing and executing major events, programming, and student experiences (Welcome Week, Homecoming, CHEATON Cup, Frost Week, Day-to-day programming etc.)


Brendan Keeler
VP Finance and Operations
The VP Finance and Operations is responsible for overseeing budgets, ensuring financial stability, and facilitating the Wellness and Student Activities funds.

Administration & Operations

Cindy MacDonald
Health Plan Administrator
The Health Plan Administrator is responsible for the student run health plan and dental operated by the Campus Trust. The Health Plan Administrator also acts as an executive assistant, is responsible for taking minutes at Executive meetings, and coordinates student Legal Aid program.


Angie Govier
Manager, Axe Bar & Grill


Michael Sutherland
Manager, Food and Retail
Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Cajun's Clothing and Union Market. In addition, this person also coordinates custom orders for a wide variety of clubs, students, and external businesses.


Stephen Martin
Custodian, Acadia Students' Union
Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Students’ Centre. Coordinates Custodial Services, Technical Services, ASU room setups, and organizes Union programming events under the direction of the Events and Promotions Committee.