President: Grace Hamilton-Burge – gracehamilton-burge@acadiau.ca

VP Academic & External: Samantha Nixon – 125125n@acadiau.ca

VP Events & Promotions: Malcolm Anderson – malcolmanderson@acadiau.ca

VP Finance & Operations: Liam Schreiter – 117356s@acadiau.ca

VP Student Life: Emily Murray – emilymurray@acadiau.ca


Office of the Chairperson

Chairperson: Oliver Jacob – 137291j@acadiau.ca or asu.chairperson@acadiau.ca

Deputy Chairperson:  Aodhan Murphy – 130230m@acadiau.ca 

Chief Returning Officer: Vacant



Arts Senator: Katie Winters – 131242w@acadiau.ca

Professional Studies Senator: Regan Haley – 125643h@acadiau.ca

Pure and Applied Science Senator: Anderson Fuller – 119985f@acadiau.ca

Theology Senator: Jackson Dunn –  136694d@acadiau.ca

Graduates Studies Senator: Jeremy Locke – jeremylocke@acadiau.ca


Equity Officer: Dena Williams – 125150w@acadiau.ca

Sustainability Officer: George Philp – 124846p@acadiau.ca

Community Relations Officer: Christopher Saulnier – 130837s@acadiau.ca

First Year Officer: Dahlia Chahine – 141754c@acadiau.ca 

Student Board of Governors Representative: Colin Mitchell – 131403m@acadiau.ca


Councilor: Alyssa Hall – 133005h@acadiau.ca

Councilor: Emily Elliott – 136009e@acadiau.ca

Councilor: Mackenzie Jarvin – 138210j@acadiau.ca

Councilor: Samantha Stegen – 135257s@acadiau.ca


Non-Voting Representatives:

Administration RepresentativeVacant

Board of Governors Representative: Vacant

Faculty Representative: Anna Kiefte – anna.kiefte@acadiau.ca


Office Hours:

Office hours for Members of the Students’ Representative Council are available here.