Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals (CAFP)

CAFP stands for: the Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals.  It is a National Association with Professional and Student Branches
across Canada.  We hold education, social, professional development, and fundraising events for members (around 3+ events per month!).  Returning students can run in the spring election to become part of the
executive the following year!  This year’s National conference is in Alberta in May with many bursaries available for members and we fundraise to help send our members there!

Halifax Professional Branch meetings happen once a month and include:

  • a 3course meal at a local restaurant
  • guest speakers
  • networking opportunities.

Members can join event planning committees if they would like to be more involved!

Here is a link to the national website:


Check out the October Newsletter:

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Club Contact Person

Carissa Bellefontaine

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