Acadia Entrepreneurs’ Association

Acadia Entrepreneurs’ Association

The Acadia Entrepreneurs’ Association was founded on one principal, to celebrate and expand Acadia’s entrepreneurial eco-system. Entrepreneurship on campus is continuously changing and is always going to change – it is an ecosystem.


Entrepreneurship can be busy, challenging, and chaotic. You want controlled chaos. So, surround yourself with passionate people and management becomes less hectic and time consuming; it becomes organic.


The AEA has two main goals in mind; connecting entrepreneurial students with the necessary resources to follow their passions (e.g. mentors, developers, competition preparation), and creating a space that fosters creativity and networking on campus where students can grow their ideas/start-ups.


“Someone must take the first steps – and those who don’t must follow.”

– Jessy Gervais, Co-Founder of the Acadia Entrepreneurs’ Association

Club Contact Person

Nathalie Kaluznick, Ben Davison

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