Acadia Dance Collective

Acadia Dance Collective

The Acadia Dance Collective brings the opportunity to dance into the Acadia University community, providing classes ranging from beginner to advanced. It is entirely student run and is one of largest clubs on campus. Instructed by a wonderful group of teachers, we strive to provide a range of dance styles at different levels to engage a diversity of members.

The Acadia Dance Collective is lead by the ADC Executive, who work together to ensure that the club is running smoothly and efficiently. The Executive is responsible for organizing the end of year show, as well as running events and fundraisers, and promoting the club. The ADC Teachers are responsible for running weekly classes as well as choreographing pieces for the Dance Acadia Showcase in November, and the Acadia Dance Collective Showcase in April.

ADC classes run from 4:45-10:00 pm Monday through Wednesday, each for a duration of one hour. Classes are located in one of three locations: the dance studio in the Old SUB, the MacKeen Room in the New SUB, and the dance studio in Clark Commons. ADC classes are split into the two academic semesters, each semester culminating in one of the two showcases. Classes run at a cost of $10.00 per semester.

Club Contact Person

Natalie Fraser

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