Congrats to Seminary House, who is currently in first place!

House Cup 2016

A new spin on House Cup will see our 9 residences competing every month for a shot at the cup. Throughout the year, 6 chances to win monthly cups to support the push for the year end House Cup. Event attendance, Volunteer and community engagement, Photo submissions, and fundraising for Axes in Action are major factors to compete for each month’s cup.

Frosh Cup (Month of September) 1st ECR 2nd Dennis 3rd Chase Court

* Expo 67

* Axemen Games

* Charity Day

* Welcome Week Events

* Presidents Report

* H.C Contribution

Ghost Cup (Month of October)

* Halloween themed events

* Homecoming Football Game (Oct 15)

* Residence Breakfast (Oct 15)

* Seminary Haunted House (Oct 29)

* Balmer Race (Oct 15)

* Residence Trick or Treating

* COA Trick or Eat (Oct 31)

* Photo submissions

* Presidents Reports

Veteran’s Cup (Month of November)

* Dance Marathon (Nov 5)

* Neighbours helping Neighbours (Nov 6)

* CIS Woman’s National Soccer Championships (Nov 10-13)

* ASU Christmas Craft fair (Nov 15)

* Photo submissions

* Presidents reports

Frost Cup (Month of January)

* Frost Week Events

* Photo submissions

* Presidents reports

* Jam the gym

Heart Cup (Month of February)

* Student life summit

* Photo submissions

* Presidents reports

Cheaton Cup (Month of March)

Closing Ceremonies (close-out Party April)

As the year progresses, the cups will play a larger role in the success to winning the House Cup. The scoring scheme has the Monthly cups weighing heavier each month to provide a chance for residences to win the cup near the end of the year.


What is House Cup?

A tradition at Acadia, residences are awarded points for a variety of outcomes. Certain events are designated house cup events and residences are awarded points for attendance, participation or victory if it’s a competition. You’ve all seen Harry Potter, right? Well, instead of 50 points for Gryffindor, they’re up for grabs for your residence!
What’s at stake? Bragging rights and an amazing prize, to be decided by your own house councils!
For questions, concerns or comments please e-mail our VP Programming, Ted Higa, at

Previous Winners

2012-2013: Seminary House
2013-2014: Whitman House (Tully)
2014-2015: Barrax