Get Involved in a Club or Society at Acadia!

Clubs and societies are an important part of the Acadia Students’ Union. Not only do they provide opportunities to meet people with similar interests, do exciting things, and socialize, but they also give students an opportunity to broaden their university experience and get involved. Acadia Students’ Union serves to coordinate, promote, and guide the activities of its student clubs. Because these groups are a vital aspect of the ASU, an important part of the Union’s responsibility lies in coordinating, funding, and supporting the various organizations on campus.

There are three designations of clubs and societies on camps: athletic, academic and social. Creating a club is extremely easy, and comes with many benefits such as funding, booking space, and more! If you don’t find the club you’re looking for at Club Axetravaganza and want to start it yourself, or want to see a full list of clubs, please contact Robbie Holmes, Vice President Student Life ( or check out below!

With over 80 clubs and societies, there is something for everyone!

Application Process

Students wishing to form a new club must submit a completed copy of a Club Ratification Package to the Vice-President Student Life. Existing clubs who wish to re-ratify must also follow the same process. After filling out the form below, please e-mail the rest of the paperwork to or pass in at the information desk to be left for the VP Student Life.

Note: If you are a club sport, please contact Kim Wallace ( to receive your ratification information package.

STEP 1: Paperwork

  • Club Ratification Form (below);
  • Club Membership List (with signatures);
  • Club Policy (signed)
    • This section is found in the ASU Operating Procedures. Copy that section onto another page and have the entire club executive sign it.
  • Club Waiver

STEP 2: Attend a Club President Training session, date to be decided.

STEP 3: The Vice-President Student Life will respond to a submitted Club Ratification Package within ten (10) business days.

STEP 4: Submit completed package to the Vice-President Student Life to be eligible to attend Club Axetravaganza.

STEP 5: Attend Club Axetravaganza on (Date TBD)

STEP 6: Once approved, you may begin running your club.

NOTE: All clubs must have their banking set up through the ASU. Any club who is unsure of their banking can contact VP Finance Yoram Schroll ( and confirm their account or begin the transition. If your club does not need a bank account then it is no concern.

Event Application Form

Hosting an event?

These forms must be submitted via e-mail to along with all necessary attachments. Form submitted on paper will not be accepted. Questions can be directed to Alicia Johnson Building Services and Events Manager at

Event Application Form

Risk Rating and Control Grid

Club budgeting template

Club Budgeting Template click to download

Club Ratification Form